Aluminium New Wave Doors
The Successor to Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors

A Door You Can Use 52 Weeks a Year – Not Just 2 Weeks a Year

Are you frustrated or concerned about the disadvantages of traditional outdoor to indoor door systems such as traditional patio doors, bi-folding doors, and French doors? Well, we have developed the solution! New Wave Doors are hailed across the industry by both installers and homeowners as the “Next Generation” of patio and folding sliding door systems.

The bi-folding door delivers very limited flexibility in terms of opening positions: they are generally fully open or fully closed.

With the UK Weather, how many opportunities will you have to use your bi-folding door or keep it open – are you actually going to be able to open a bi-folding door very often? You may not control the elements but you certainly have full and seamless control of your Aluminium New Wave Door. You can open as much or as little of your New Wave Door to suit your mood or the UK weather! Your New Wave Door will give you the freedom to choose how to use your living space in your new home extension, new house or existing home. No sliding patio door or bi-folding door can offer you this level freedom.

 – Doors that Do What Bifolds Don’t!


Our Aluminium New Wave Doors all have a Master Door which functions as a standard residential door. This provides the benefits of easy access for everyday use whist still giving you virtually unlimited opening combinations. Many Bi-folding Doors do not have a Master Door and no sliding patio doors have this feature.

The clever New Wave Door Slide and Swing technology makes the New Wave Door a functional ‘work-a-day’ Door that you can use everyday as well as being the most effective and usable door system for precious leisure time.

Our Aluminium New Wave Doors slide and stack doors are manufactured using thermally broken aluminium profiles. One of the most sustainable and widely recycled materials on the planet – aluminium can be melted down and recycled. This process uses approximately 5% of the energy required to form virgin aluminium from aluminium ores of bauxite. This is why we are committed to recycling.

If you are interested and want to find out more about our Aluminium New Wave Doors or want to get a quote – use an online contact form on our website or telephone our friendly team of experts now!

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Elemental Resistance – Key For Patio & Folding Sliding Door Systems

Patio and folding sliding door systems pose a serious risk to the thermal efficiency of your home. This can make energy bills soar in the Winter and lead to rooms becoming too warm in the Summer. Our Aluminium New Wave Doors utilise a Tongue & Groove Interlock System which is an interlock that is located between the sliding sashes. This grants fantastic resistance against the elements and helps keep your home thermally efficient – putting money back in your pocket. When closed your New Wave Door can become a wall rather than a set of individual panels as the individual panels of the New Wave Door system do not have to fold or slide past each other so they can form a solid barrier against the weather and potential intruders.

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Doors That Are Elegant in Design

Another amazing thing about our Aluminium New Wave Doors are that they operate seamlessly and are extremely elegant in design. Traditional bi-folding doors use internal and external hardware (bogey wheels & hinges) which are often mismatched to the colour scheme of the bi-folding doors. New Wave Doors, on the other hand, do not use external hinges or bogey wheels which ensures that sightlines are seamless. The added bonus of using wheels that roll on the bottom rack instead of hanging from the header is that your New Wave door will require less maintenance which gives you more time to enjoy the finer things in life!

Aluminium Doors That are Safe to Operate

Anyone that has tried to open a bi-folding door knows that they are heavy and cumbersome to operate to say the least. The complex mechanisms that are used for bi-folding doors are hard to use and are a potential risk to vulnerable people or children. The panels of our Aluminium Door system however swing and slide independently of each other which ensures smooth and seamless operation – every time guaranteed. This helps to make our New Wave Doors safer than traditional counterparts and you aren’t at risk from having to exert yourself pushing a heavy force.

If you are interested and want to find out more about our New Wave Doors or want to get a quote – use an online contact form on our website or telephone our friendly team of experts now!

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