New Wave UPVC Doors With Complete Flexibility

Your UPVC New Wave enjoys the same flexibility as its aluminium counterpart.

How often are you actually going to be able to open a bi-folding door?

Well, you may not be able to control the weather, BUT you can control how you open your New Wave Door. This innovative and creative system reimagines the design of a bi-folding door whilst also removing the disadvantages and frustrations that homeowners have with a traditional bi-fold. The UPVC New Wave Door has sashes that work independently from one another – offering greater flexibility when you need it most. Using Magnaline Hardware, permanent magnetic attraction is used to allow your door to swing open – offering superior and complete flexibility.

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Our UPVC Doors

Our UPVC slide and swing doors are manufactured from VEKA profiles. UPVC profiles are not widely recycled so we decided to buck the trend and increase the lifespan and recyclability of our products. VEKA is an industry leader in recycling old UPVC profiles and we’re helping to create doors with a lifespan of 350 years. Considering the average lifespan of a UPVC door is around 30-40 years – this truly is a sustainable product!

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 – Doors that Do What Bifolds Don’t!

Wall Against the Weather & All Elements

The New Wave Door has an excellent weather rating because the panels on a New Wave Door slide together and have full engagement with a double weather seal. When closed the New Wave Door becomes a wall rather than a door. The individual panels don’t have to fold or slide past one another so they can fully engage with each other to form one large panel: A wall against the weather (and potential intruders.) This offers superior weather-resistance, especially when compared to more traditional folding door systems. eeCore allows for a stronger and more thermally efficient door which combined with the sustainability of our products – helps you protect the environment and install a door that you will love for years to come.

Less Maintenance – Fewer Headaches

A serious & significant amount of time and investment has been made into making your New Wave Door require less maintenance than their traditional bi-folding counterparts. With your New Wave Door being supported on wheels that roll on the bottom track – this allows for less maintenance and fewer headaches when you are getting around to maintaining your door system. With none of the disadvantages and limitations of traditional patio doors, bi-folding doors, and French doors – your New Wave door is the perfect choice to connect the outside to the inside of your property.

Easier & Safer Operation

The complex mechanisms that connect the individual folding panels of standard UPVC & Aluminium bi-folding doors are hard to operate and can pose a health hazard to children or those who do not know how to operate the system correctly. All doors also have to be opened at once for traditional systems which makes the doors heavy and cumbersome. With all of our ranges of New Wave Doors – panels slide and swing independently from one another – ensuring smooth and easy operation every time guaranteed! Plus this is a safer option for those that struggle with heavy equipment and children who may become injured by playing with the door.

UPVC Doors With Pure and Simple Elegance

It’s not what you see its what you don’t see.

Thanks to the concealed ingenuity of the Patented Magnaline and New Wave Door technology the sliding panels have no unsightly handles, hinges or weather seals: simply stunning. Compare this to traditional patio doors, bi-folding doors, and French doors and you get a much uglier picture. External and internal hardware (hinges and bogey wheels) which are often different colours is not a pleasant match for many homes. Our New Wave Doors have no hinges and bogey wheels which give slim, seamless and simply amazing sightlines.

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