New Wave Buyer’s Guide

Sleek & Elegant

The innovative groundbreaking New Wave Door System is leagues above its traditional counterparts. The original concept when the New Wave Door System was developed was to design a sleek, elegant system that introduced a whole new concept in sliding door systems. This has resulted in a sliding door that cannot be matched by other sliding doors or bi-folding doors in elegance and ease of use.

Although traditional bi-folding doors, sliding doors and patio doors are often used in construction projects or for home improvement – they have always had fundamental flaws that have understandably left homeowners and installers frustrated. However, we have helped to develop the solution – a door that is more than just a door – a door that can also act as a movable wall system. With elegance and ease of operation – our New Wave Doors are a cut above their traditional counterparts and are the perfect match for any home.

New Wave Doors vs. Patio Doors

The Patio Door is hailed as one of the most common and simple exterior door systems which allows it to be effective in operation. As sliding panels are not connected to each other, there’s no stress between the panels and there’s not a lot that can go wrong. If something does go wrong then these doors are easy to service should there be a problem. The doors can be partially opened to use for ventilation with a largely concealed hidden system with furniture being able to be placed close to the doors. However, Patio Doors have always one major disadvantage – The door does not completely open.

The fact that a Patio Door does not fully open means that you can’t choose to open any part of the door to open. This led designers to turn to the next solution, to attempt to design a new system that could open the door fully and allow for certain areas of the external door to be opened. The designers turned to a dated system, the bi-folding door system to try and reach a solution. However, the bi-folding door system has a number of disadvantages which is what led to the creation of the innovative, New Wave Door System.

 – Doors that Do What Bifolds Don’t!

The Failure of the Bi-Folding Door

The bi-folding door system was actually initially designed as a door for use in bars and restaurants and was designed as a commercial door system rather than a domestic door system. They were also not suited for security as the door would only need to be opened once on opening time and closed again on closing time. This doesn’t bode well for the durability of the doors and the issues don’t stop there:

  • The bi-folding door generally needs to be fully open or closed. This is not ideal for the UK climate which is often highly unpredictable, to say the least.
  • The panels are connected together which makes operation harder and laborious. This can also pose a risk to children or people with injuries or health conditions when they try to operate the door.
  • More space is required to allow for the doors to open and close which blocks the ability to have furniture close to the glass.
  • With highly visible and unsightly handles and hinges, a bi-folding door cannot match the clean and contemporary looks of a patio door.
  • Expansion between the panels causes considerable damage and stress to the system over time.
  • There is a serious chance of complete mechanical failure with problems being hard to diagnose and expensive to repair and service when the unavoidable becomes a reality.

Choosing the New Wave Door System

The New Wave Door System is the answer. Combining the benefits of Patio Doors, completely removing all of the disadvantages of bi-folding doors, this system is the ideal solution. The panels of this system slide to the side and then swing open, guaranteeing ease in operation and a door that can open at any part of the door system.

You are also able to position doors anywhere in the opening that you choose. This shows the versatility of the system as well as the innovative advantages over the bi-folding door system.

Our New Wave Door System allows you to enjoy the weather 52 weeks a year not 2 weeks a year. The system operates on innovative sashes that roll on the bottom track, allowing for easier maintenance and needing less maintenance overall. The stunning elegance of the New Wave Door allows homeowners to enjoy a door that they can use, all year round!

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