Doors that do
what bi-folds don’t

Doors that Do What Bifolds Don’t!

Some customers say that their New Wave Doors Slide and swing, slide and stack, or even slide and pivot. We just say they are the…DOORS THAT DO WHAT BI-FOLDS DON’T!


Versatility – A Door for All Seasons 

Bi-folding doors generally need to be fully open or fully closed. Inherently, this restricts the usability of a bi-folding door. Patented New Wave Technology allows you to open as much or as little of the door as you want with its versatile opening combinations. Therefore, a New Wave Door is a door that you can use 52 weeks of the year, not just 2 weeks of the year.

Easy Access

The unique and innovative New Wave door system incorporates the use of a main traffic door. Conveniently, this can be used as a conventional back door, whereas many bi-folding doors need to be fully open or fully closed and do not have this option. 

Efficient Insulation

Aluminium New Wave Doors use a polyamide thermal break system to prevent a cold bridge from outside to inside. This reduces heat loss and condensation. This is the industry platinum standard. Some door systems, especially cheap ones, use a uPVC core with aluminium cladding. As these materials expand at different rates, they do not have the structural integrity or the thermal efficiency of a polyamide thermally broken aluminium door. All New Wave Doors are fitted with New Wave Oxygene double glazed units as standard, when supplied glazed and Installed by us. These high performance double glazed Argon filled glass units meet the most stringent specifications within the industry.

Robust Security

Bi-folding doors can compromise security by their very design. The panels need to fold, so they are unable to fully interlock making them vulnerable to attack. 

New Wave Door panels fully interlock from top to bottom when they closed and are fully rebated inside and outside. They literally form a ‘wall’ of defence against intruders (and the weather)! 

We are not aware of any New Wave Door being breached by intruders since its launch in 2012. We are confident that no other Door System can claim this.

A Wall against the Weather

Bi-folding Doors are prone to draughts as the panels cannot interlock. New Wave Doors keep out the weather with clever patented design: New Wave Door panels completely interlock from top to bottom and are fully rebated inside and out. Combined with the high performance polyamide thermal break design, New Wave Doors keep the heat in and the weather out. 

Space Efficient

The unique and innovative operating system of the New Wave Door complete space efficiency in comparison to a bi-folding door. New Wave Doors never encroach into the living space or the patio space during the opening and closing cycle.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The New Wave Doors’ stunning looks with a minimalist, elegant design and clean, unbroken sightlines are a result of the innovative door system not requiring any visible hinges or handles on the sliding panels and the clever slim-line section design giving a razor-sharp look without compromising strength or integrity.

Reliability – Its Simple Really

The simple but clever design of the patented New Wave Door operating system delivers proven reliability through simplicity. Unlike a Bi-folding Door, the New Wave Door panels are not connected with complex gearing and hinges. Therefore, they operate completely independently and are free from the stress and excess weight displacement present in all bi-folding doors. The weight of the New Wave Door panels is supported on the bottom track just like a traditional patio door. Whereas, the very design of bi-folding doors relies heavily on the top track to support the folding panels.

The New Wave Slide & Swing Patio Door System

First released in the UK in 2012 as a result of the desire of New Wave Doors to find a better wide span door solution. The technically flawed and overpriced Bi-folding door or Bifold Door was already disappointing consumers with its lack of flexibility and poor reliability. This is also true of the expensive Lift and Slide Patio Door and whereas conventional Patio Doors are generally quite reliable they have many operational restrictions.

What was needed was a reliable affordable solution that could combine the reliability of a Patio Door with a bi-folding door’s ability to fully open. And then add a host of other benefits.

The solution is the New Wave Door. Best of both and so much more: It’s a No Brainier!

New Wave slide and swing doors

New Wave slide and swing doors

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We Don’t Confess to Be the Jack of All Trades, But We Are the Master of One

All of our staff and resources are focused on the New Wave Door. From enquiry to installation you will be dealing with a team of specialists who have a deep understanding of the product and the process.

Our team work closely with you and your builder to guide you through the process and help you to avoid the common mistakes which are often overlooked until its too late!

Your doors are manufactured by us in our dedicated UK production facility. Delivered to you on our own purpose built transport, if you are installing yourself. Installed by one of our own fully certified New Wave installation teams, who only install New Wave Doors. We are dedicated to getting your New Wave Door into your project.

New Wave Doors Are Available in Both Aluminium and Veka UPVC

Our unique Aluminium extrusion is produced for us by one of the world’s leading specialists, chosen for their ability to meet our exacting technical and quality standards. With a few minor exceptions, everything in Your Aluminium New Wave Door is designed by us specifically for the New Wave Door. We NEVER compromise quality for cost. We use the best materials available manufactured to the industries very highest standards.

New Wave Doors have worked with Veka (the largest and most prestigious producer of uPVC window door profiles in the world}, since 2012. Thanks to the technical excellence of the Desihn Teams at Veka and New Wave Doors we have produced a uPVC New Wave Door that has the ease of operation and reliability of our Aluminium system whilst retaining all the benefits of the New Wave System and the great looks of the Veka uPVC profiles.

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